. Empirical studies of factors associated with child malnutrition: highlighting the evidence about climate and conflict shocks. In Food Security, 2020.


. Conflicted Capital: The Effect of Civil Conflict on Patterns of BIT Signing. In Journal Of Conflict Resoultion, 2019.



Conflict, Climate Change, and Childhood Malnutrition

As part of a team of scientists working on a DFID and Action Against Hunger project, I am working on modeling childhood malnutrition in the context of armed conflict and climate change. I am leading the design and execution of a subnational analysis, which combines geocoded data on violence and satellite imagery of climate conditions with machine learning algorithms to predict malnutrition within African countries.

Data Visualization

In addition to my work on the political economy of development, I also design visualizations that communicate patterns in complicated data to the public. At this link, you’ll find a few of my recent contributions, inlcuding an article on the makeup of the new US Congress featured in USA Today.

IDP Camps, Land, and Vote Buying

I use a randomized response experiment to show that returned IDPs in Northern Uganda are often targeted with vote buying.

The Demand for Aid

I combine an original conjoint experiment with a formal model to understand citizen demand for different types of development in Uganda.


  • As teaching associate at the McCourt School of Public Policy (Georgetown University):
    • Introduction to Data Science for MPP students
  • As teaching assistant at the University of Maryland, College Park:
    • Politics of the Developing World
    • Religion, Beliefs, and World Affiars
    • International Negotiations
  • As a workshop instructor:
    • Causal Inference using Conjoint Analysis
    • Introduction to Spatial Data and GIS
    • Document Processing with LaTeX and knitr